Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. After sign up product and welcome kit will be sent through courier and will be delivered within 5-7 working days.
  2. No limit of maximum direct referrals but preferred minimum new referrals per associate is 2.
  3. All joining will be Auto Fill, left to right, as per the availability in the tree structure of the sponsoring associate.
  4. Payout :
    • Uniline : 2nd of every month
    • Binary : Daily at 12 midnight.
  5. Binary will be calculated at 1:1 unlimited depth, capping 10 pairs daily.
  6. Capping limit applicable on all Ids.
  7. Payout will be made to the wallet of the associate. Withdrawal request is to be placed for withdrawal of fund from the wallet.
  8. Minimum balance to be maintained in the wallet is Rs.100.00 and payout from the wallet will be in multiples of Rs.100.
  9. Withdrawal request can be placed only after KYC and bank details of the associate is updated.
  10. TDS, Service and admin charges deduction 15% will be applicable on all payouts.
  11. Gifts, Rewards and recognition etc, at the sole responsibility & discretion of the company.
  12. Company has all the rights reserved for modification regarding marketing plan, product and concept according to the market strategy.