How it works?

How it works.
(Business Plan)

Register yourself for FREE and pay for the Purchase of a product from our existing associate or directly from the company to became an associate and reap the benefit of earning through our revolutionary concept which pays you income through its NON WORKING & WORKING PLAN. Purchase a product of your choice from the list of products under joining package by paying Rs.500/- only, now promote our product and the concept and enjoy your residual income.


As soon as you became a dunib associate you will be placed in a universal straight line under an associate who completed a purchase before you. Note that the placement in the universal straight line is purely on the basis of the time of completion of purchase process only without considering any tree. Thus all the purchase done by the associates will be placed in the universal straight line as par the time of completion of the purchase process through our system. Now the atomised system will generate income for you.

See illustration below

Total purchase in the month of January = 10
Total purchase in the month of February = 100
So in the month of March, the associate who purchased a product in the month of January will be equally paid a proportion of the reserved amount (Rs.50/-), from the total purchase completed in the month of February.

100 purchase X Rs.50/- = Rs.5000/- which is equally distributed among the 10 associates who completed their purchase in the month of January.(Rs.5000/- / 10 = Rs.500/-) This income is a one time income but you get the opportunity to earn again and again through our free re-entry procedure.

As soon as a total of 2500 new purchase is completed after your purchase, you will get a free re-entry and thus, you again gets an opportunity to earn. This way you will get 10 re-entries, after which your free re-entry ID will be placed in a board plan and when the board breaks you will be rewarded with your product purchase amount of Rs.500/-.


In order to expedite the income generation from the non-working plan and to give an opportunity to active associates, a working plan has been worked out which is purely a binary plan offering you an option for fast and huge earning. This income will be calculated on the basis of the sales completed under your tree. Binary income is Rs.100/- par pair till unlimited depth with a capping of 10 pairs daily.


If an associate wish to leave the business at any point of time after 6 months from the date of first purchase, he/she may mail a request, mentioning the justified reason for quitting dunib, and the company on receipt of such request would deactivate the ID after transfer of the credit balance available in his/her wallet to the bank account as updated by the associate.


Welfare Fund : A welfare fund will be created by obtaining contribution from the associates, so that at times of any critical hardship our associates could be provided some financial assistance. The amount and eligibility will be decided by the company.

Lucky Draw : Depending on the number of sales of product, lucky draw will be held. Frequency – 10000 sales, 25000 sales, 50000 sales, 100000 sales …… Number of awards – 1st – 1, 2nd – 2, 3rd – 3, 4th – 4, 5th – 5, 6th – 6, 7th – 7, 8th – 8, 9th -9 & 10th -10.

Grand Lucky Draw : When 100000 associates gets associated with us, a grand lucky draw will be held with 3 bumper awards to be decided by the company.

Gifts : At regular interval, the company will gift presents to the active associates at the sole discretion of the company.

The company is also scouting prospect for covering the associates under Group Accidental Insurance Policy at the cost of the company (1st year).

Rewards : 15 Direct sales in 30 days from the date of purchase – Silver Coin 30 Direct sales in 30 days from the date of purchase –

Gold Coin. Earn Rs.1000/- daily in a calendar month - share 1% of company’s profit for the month

Earn Rs.1000/- daily for 6 calendar month - share 2% of company’s avg profit for the months. Earn Rs.1000/- daily for 12 calendar month - share 5% of company’s avg profit for the months.

Recognition : Under consideration.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. After sign up product and welcome kit will be sent through courier and will be delivered within 5-7 working days.
  2. No limit of maximum direct sales but preferred minimum new sales per associate is 2.
  3. All sales will be Auto Fill, left to right, as per the availability in the tree structure of the sponsor associate.
  4. Payout : Uniline : 2nd of every month Binary : Daily at 12 midnight.
  5. Binary will be calculated at 1:1, unlimited depth, capping 10 pairs daily.
  6. Capping limit applicable on all Ids.
  7. Capping in Uniline income is Rs.500/- per entry.
  8. Payout will be made to the wallet of the associate. Withdrawal request is to be placed for withdrawal of fund from the wallet.
  9. Minimum balance to be maintained in the wallet is Rs.100.00 and payout from the wallets will be in multiples of Rs.100.
  10. Withdrawal request can be placed only after KYC and bank details of the associate is updated.
  11. TDS, Service and admin charges deduction 15% will be applicable on all payouts.
  12. Gifts, Rewards and recognition etc, at the sole responsibility & discretion of the company.
  13. Company has all the rights reserved for modification regarding marketing plan and concept according to the market strategy.